Mangotone Wonder Hormones -1 liter

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Wonder Hormone
For Flower Induction in Mango
General Information:
A single application of AGCHEM Mangotone induces early out of season flowering mango trees 7-11 after application. The following conditions must be taken into consideration in order to ensure a successful flower induction. Select only trees that are of bearing age and are ready for smudging. Obvious signs are fully matured, crips, copper green to brownish leaves and the terminal buds are plump but not yet growing. Twigs must necessarily be matured also.
Flower induction through AGCHEM MANGOTONE is more successful if done after the rainy season is almost over. For best results apply towards mid-morning on a sunny day when the temperature is high and when no rain is expected within the next 3-5 hours after spraying.
Use only recommended insecticides to control twig borers and mango hoppers.