Return, Refund, Warranty & Service Policy


  1. This return and refund policy is in accordance to all existing laws governing the purchase of goods and services within the Philippines whether through physical stores or online channels.
  2. Only items purchased and services availed from our physical stores and online channels may be subject to this policy.
  3. By purchasing from our store or our online channels, the store guarantees that all items are of good condition, including the seals and labels and services are of the agreed quality and standard as advertised unless specifically indicated in its labels, packaging and advertisement.
  4. The store has taken all necessary precaution and care in packaging its products and providing its services. The consumer, by availing of our products and services agrees to abide by the necessary care and safety precautions in handling and using the products and services including the use of chemicals and materials which require proper handling and storage to avoid misuse and other untoward incidents.
  5. The consumer by purchasing our products and services agrees that results may vary depending on factors outside the control of the manufacturer and seller including but not limited to the environment and condition of the area where the product is used, manner of use and application by the end-user and other similar factors.
  6. The store reserves the right to refuse any liability for any misuse or evident disregard to label instructions in the use of its products and services by the end-user.
  7. The store may refuse returns or purchased products due to a change of mind from the purchaser.
  8. All machines and equipment purchased from the physical store or online channels shall be covered by warranty as indicated on the packaging, receipt or warranty card issued upon purchase. Such warranty shall be no less than 60 days nor shall it exceed one year from the date of purchase.
  9. Warranty shall cover repairs in case of defect and malfunction on the machine not due to mishandling and improper use.
  10. Unreasonable use and intentional damage on the part of the consumer shall not be covered by warranty.
  11. The seller shall try to repair the machine or equipment subject of the warranty. Only when repair shall be deemed impossible or that replaceable parts are no longer available or after numerous attempts to repair the defect persist shall the machine or equipment be subject to replacement or refund.
  12. The purchaser shall present the proof of purchase such as receipt or warranty card along with the machine or equipment when availing of the warranty. Failure to present adequate proof of purchase shall be a ground for the seller to refuse the warranty.
  13. In case of refund, the amount directly attributable to the use of the consumer prior to the discovery of the non-conformity shall be deducted from the purchased price.
  14. The store guarantees that all services rendered in the course of its business complies with the minimum standards required by such service and with such reasonable care and diligence required.
  15. The services rendered by the store shall be covered by a 90-day warranty for workmanship as indicated in the invoice unless otherwise agreed upon or by the nature of the service rendered or the use of the product serviced, it shall prove unreasonable to expect the service guarantee to last 90 days.
  16. The buyer shall inform the seller of any quality or quantity imperfection that any product has in order to allow the seller to provide proper remedies for such quality or quantity imperfection.
  17. The seller shall be allowed to inspect said product adequately for such reported quality or quantity imperfection otherwise the requirement for adequate notice is not complied with.
  18. The seller shall have 30 days to correct any imperfections on the quality or quantity of the product purchased. This 30-day period may be modified on agreement between the seller and buyer but such period shall be no less than 7 days nor more than 180 days from purchase date.
  19. Returned items shall be replaced with the same item or that of the same price or higher with the price difference to be settled by the buyer.
  20. All items except machines and equipment subject to a separate warranty period may be returned within a period of 30 days from date of purchase provided that such item is defective or does not conform to its quality as advertised and said defect is not due to misuse, mishandling or any other fault attributed to the buyer.
  21. The store reserves the right to impose a cancellation fee and to require the payment of reservation fee for services to be rendered. Such cancellation fee shall account for the lose of business opportunity incurred on account of the cancelled service.
  22. The Buyer has the right to reschedule said service by providing adequate notice within a week from the actual date of service. Failure to do so shall result to the imposition of the cancellation fee unless such cancellation is due to force majeure or other reasons not attributable to the seller or buyer.
  23. These set of guidelines is in conformity with the laws and rules provided under the Civil Code of The Philippines, Republic Act 7394 and its implementing rules and regulation.