ARIMITSU TS34 Thermal Fogging | Misting Machine

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Hand Held Thermal Fogging Machine


ARIMITSU TS34 Thermal fogger is Short fogging tube, light weight, compact make it perfect for fogging in some narrow application area, such as indoor fogging.

High quality construction (Such as stainless steel, Viton, Teflon)


Vector control, such as malaria, dengue fever control.

Public health protection, mosquito, pest, flying and crawling insects control.

Technical Specification

Performance of combustion Chamber 10 Kw /13.6Hp
Fuel consumption 1.1 L/h
Fuel tank capacity 1.5L
Chemical tank capacity 5 L
Battery electricity 4×1.5V
Solution output 25 L/h
Weight(empty) 7 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H mm) 790x260x315
Pressure in chemical tank 0.25 bar
Pressure in fuel tank 0.06 bar