BAYTEX 50 EC Larvicide (Mosquito Dengue and Malaria Control)

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For the control of mosquito larvae Mosquito control demands the commitment of individuals, institution and from people of all walks of life. The presence of mosquitoes is an indication that breeding sites are nearby.

While conventional insecticides are recommended to control adult mosquitoes and the larvae,good housekeeping and breeding source reduction are the priorities to be given in a mosquito control program.Adult mosquitoes Mosquitoes are active only at certain times of the day, usually at dusk or by night, spending the remaining time on surfaces hidden from view. Mosquito Larvae Any control action against mosquitoes should also include control against the larvae. Mosquitoes breed in open or close to water bodies. This can consist of permanent water bodies such as swamps or lakes, or temporary sources such as tidal pools and rainwater accumulation in old tyres, tree hollows, refuse dumps, empty disposed cans or containers. Different mosquito species breed in different habitants ranging from fresh to salty and from clean to polluted water. For example, the Aedes mosquito prefer clean stagnant water while the Culex mosquito prefer polluted water. It is important to identify the problem species correctly and to confirm its breeding sites. Control Strategy Once located, these breeding sites can be treated with Baytex 50 EC as a spray treatment. At the recommended rates used for mosquito larvae control. Baytex 50 EC for Public Health Authorities Baytex 50 EC, with fenthion as the active ingredient