Agenda 10 SC | Fipronil | Soil Poisoning | Termiticide | Pre & Post Construction | Termite Control - 1 liter

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Termite Colony Management with “Domino” effect Termite Treatment.

Why should I choose Agenda 10 SC?

Agenda 10 SC is a new class of termiticide that has faced the stiffest tests that researchers in Asia and around the world have been able to throw at it.

For you, this means you can now create a protective zone around your home that will not only kill termites, but will manage the termite colony and last for at least five years.

What makes Agenda 10 SC different?

Agenda 10 SC contains a new generation active ingredient called fipronil. This active ingredient is unique to Agenda 10 SC and brings a whole new mode of action against termites.

Agenda 10 SC has the unique ability to control termites, not only where it is applied, but also back at the nest itself through the “Domino Effect”.

Also, because it is so effective at ultra-low doses, it remains effective in the soil for at least five years after being applied. This ensures long-term protection of the structure against further termite attack.

The low dose at which it is applied minimizes any impact on the environment, and it will not affect earthworms, soil microorganisms, or plants living in the treated soil.

How Agenda 10 SC works?

Agenda 10 SC is diluted in water and then applied to the soil so that it completely surrounds the foundation of the structure.

When applied as such, Agenda 10 SC effectively forms a protective zone around the structure that will kill any termites that try to enter the building via the surrounding soil.

Agenda 10 SC typically takes a few days to kill termites, so following contamination the termites continue to interact with other members of the termite colony and in doing so pass on some of the active ingredient to many other termites.

In a way Agenda 10 SC works just like a virus, the contaminated termites show no initial symptoms yet pass on the active ingredient to others without them knowing it.

Once a few termites have become contaminated many other termites can catch it from them – this is what we call the “Domino Effect”.

The termites spread the active ingredient amongst themselves, thus managing to kill much of the whole termite colony – and eliminating the source!

As a treatment with Agenda 10 SC affects not just those encountering the treated soil, but also the source of the termites, the reliability of termite control is greatly enhanced.

And because Agenda 10 SC remains effective for at least five years, your termite womes are solved long-term.