ARIMITSU BW-30P (Upgraded Version) | Thermal Fogging | Misting Machine

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PE Solution Tank, Auto Ignition

Of efficient stronger, specifically for spraying water mist, powder medicine, far range, large spraying quantity, diffuse effect is good, the droplet uniform and meticulous!Especially suitable for agriculture, orchards, greenhouses and other large areas of prevention and control of pests and diseases; health and epidemic prevention, sterilization, special requirements of spraying water mist.


* The fog particles are uniform and fine, with a long range.
* Both bactericide and disinfectant can achieve ideal results.
* Large amount of smoke, strong penetration and medicine saving.
* High efficiency water mist tube can produce high-quality droplets.
* Intelligent button start system, starting is very simple
* Rapid ignition, simple start and stable performance.
* High power lithium battery, which can meet more than 200 starts
* High quality stainless steel material, ten-year service life.
* Light alloy heat dissipation net, good safety protection.
* Special combustion chamber, high efficiency and fuel saving.
* Easy to disassemble design, maintenance is very simple.
* Large capacity medicine tank can be connected externally.
* Automatic cut-off device can be selected.

Areas Scope of application:Large area crop, horticulture, greenhouse pest and disease control, food processing or farm disinfection, indoor and outdoor health and epidemic prevention, pest control and other special requirements of spraying water mist.

Technical Parameters

Size: 1360*300*320mm
Package Size: 1200*340*360mm
Oil Consumption: 1.8~2.0 L/H
Spray Amount: 8~80 L/H
Power: > 40 HP
Smote Range: 30~50m
Water Range: 8~ 12m
Droplet Size: <30um
Solution Tank Capacity: 6.0 L to 16 L (upgradable)
Solution Tank Pressure: 0.3~0.4 bar
Fuel Tank Capacity: 1.4L
Fuel Tank Pressure: 0.01~0.02 bar
Star Mode: Button Star / Manual
Starter Voltage: 12V (Lithium battery)
Ignition Voltage: 3V (2xR-20 dry battery)
Use Fuel: 92 or 95 gasoline
Smoke Carrier: Oily or aqueous
Net Weight: 8.2 Kg
Gross: 12.5 Kg