Bionet Mosquito Net | Mosquito Dengue | Malaria Control

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Bio Net Long Lasting Insecticidal Net

In case of conventional mosquito net
When a conventional mosquito net is damaged or improperly used, mosquitoes can easily enter such net and bite sleepers.

Durability to Washing

Bio Net was washed with laundry detergent in a washing machine 2 or 4 times. Each
washing consisted of a three minutes wash, two rinse cycles and 1 minute spinning cycle. The amount of
permethrin remaining in the net was then analyzed.

In case of BioNet
Mosquitoes come into contact with Bio Net when they try to enter into the net, and are knocked down and finally killed.

Characteristics of Bio Net

  • Ready to use
  • Wide mesh size to provide good airflow
  • Long lasting efficacy
  • High durability to washing