Blattathor Ultra Gel Cockroach Bait

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Supersonic Cockroach Gel for Ultra Fast Kill and Elimination of pest cockroaches, including nymphs. With BLATTATHOR ULTRA you can expect to see cockroaches quickly start to vanish, which means greater customer satisfaction - and fewer call-backs! BLATTATHOR ULTRA with its Viral Feed Through Effect™ ensures supersonic knockdown of cockroaches. During tests against comparable gel cockroach baits BLATTATHOR ULTRA shot them down with lightening fast speed. For Routine/Maintenance Treatments Ensystex recommends the use of BLATTATHOR Gel Cockroach Bait with abamectin to protect against resistance. With its Multimode Activity BLATTATHOR Gel is a true Resistance Fighter, the perfect wingman for BLATTATHOR ULTRA.