D-FENCE Soil Termiticide | Alphacypermethrin | Soil Poisoning Termiticide | Pre & Post Termite Control- 1 liter

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D-FENCE Soil Termiticide – Brand for Soil PoisoningStrong Repellant Killing Action D-Fence is a potent pyrethroid termiticide that kills termites through direct contact and ingestion. Treated soil serves as a barrier that prevents penetration of termites.

Cost Efficient • D-Fence is highly potent, you only need a little amount of concentrate to cover a big soil area. •1 liter of D-Fence will give a total of 50 m2coverage

–Fence Water in Liter (L) SQM Coverage Linear Meter
1 liter 250 50 50
500 ml 125 25 25

Long-lasting protection

  • D-Fence‘s long residual effect protects your home or building from termite attack for a long period of time.

Green Band and Less Hazardous

  • D-Fence is a green label termiticide which belongs to the least toxic category among pesticides yet it is effective in killing termites, thus protecting your structures.

Less Odor

  • D-Fence is in ordorless Suspension Concentrate (SC) water-based formulation, making it
I. Brand Name D-Fence
II. Techno – Commercial Details
Active Ingredient Alphacypermethrin
Formulation Suspension Concentrate (SC) – water based
Mode of Action Contact & Stomach
Chemical Group Synthetic Pyrethoid
Toxicity Classification Category IV, Green Band, (Least Toxic)
Dilution Rate 1 liter D-Fence : 250 liter water (for pre- and post-construction)
Application Rate 5 liters solution / 1 sqm for pre-construction
5 liters solution / linear meter for post-construction
Method of Application Apply D-Fence solution as coarse spray to soil that low moisture content, and refer to DIRECTIONS FOR USE (as shown in Label) for details
Packaging 500 ml coex plastic bottle
1 liter coex plastic bottle
Standard Keeping Unit 1 carton x 24 500 ml coex bottle
1 carton x 12 1 liter coex bottle

III. Features, Advantages and Benefits

Features Advantages Benefits
Alphacypermethrin as the active ingredient Controls termites by contact, stomach & vapor actions Provides effective solution to protecting structures from termites
Category IV, Green Band, Less hazardous to human and environment Long lasting protection
Provides an effective termite barrier for 3-5 years
Water based suspension concentrate Odorless More convenient to use
Binds strongly with soil More persistent in treated soil Less hazardous; does not contaminate ground water
Prevents leaching to ground water
Higher dilution rate Wider area coverage Low application cost
Non-systemic Not absorbed by plants No risk of having residues in plants
Suitable for indoor application (pressurized soil injection)