Exterminex Termite Bait - Chlorfluazuron

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EXTERMINEX TERMITE BAIT Chlorfluazuron 100g Insect Growth Regulator for Termites

Termites are home owner's most significant worry by far. They forage relentlessly day and night for food, causing severe damage to your property and investments. Before you know it, your property will soon be infested by termites, causing millions of Pesos in repairs and renovations.

Exterminex ™ termite bait comprises the finest components of wood, known as cellulose impregnated with termite attractant, laced with 0.11% Chlorfluazuron. Bait should be placed close to the infested area to promote immediate feeding, thus, diverting their attention off your property. After continuous feeding, Chlorfluazuron will poison the termites, eventually collapsing the entire colony. Exterminex™ bait is highly effective and extremely efficient in eliminating active termites with 100% success.

 Why Should I Use ExtermineX™?

Our forte – Highly palatable bait and proven strong track records of colony elimination success rates

Our toxicant – More than 80% of the major termite species that are known to destroy homes feed actively on our bait matrix

Our system – Exterminex comes with a complete range of products to protect your home

 Product Profile

Highly palatable, encouraging termite to feed continuously and share the food among other caste in the colony

Highly effective on both higher and lower termites

Bait matrix is made from sustainable wood product

IGR (Insect Growth Regulator) specific toxicant

Subterranean termites do not show reluctance or hesitation to feed once they find their way into Exterminex bait/ luring wood.

Simplicity in installation & ease of handling

Extremely low mammalian toxicity.

 Active Ingredient: 

Chlorfluazuron 0.11% 



Mode of Action:

Chitin Synthesis Inhibitor: 

Insecticide Group: 

IGR - Insect Growth Regulator



 100g Sachet