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Purity: +99.9%
Germ: +87%
M.C: 5.4%
Net WT.: 7grams

Soil and climate requirements
Bottle gourd thrives in many types of soil but grows well in light, organic rich soil. A 6.0-7 soil pH is recommended. It performs well all year round at a temperature range of 18 -30 C. it can be grown in low- to mid-elevation areas.

Land preparation
Plow and harrow the areas 2-3 times. Make furrows 3-4 m apart. Provide adjacent plots with canals for furrow irrigation. Mix thoroughly well-decomposed animal manure at 2-3/ha and/or 14-14-14 at 3 bags/ha during bed preparation.

Bottle gourd is plated either by direct seeding or transplanting. Seeding rate is 2-3 kg/ha seeds. After basal fertilization with organic and/or inorganic fertilizers, directly sow seeds per hills at a spacing of 2-3 m between rows and 1-1.5 m between hills. Cover lightly with soil and apply mulch using grass clippings or rice straw. If transplanted, sow seeds in plastic trays or plastic cups with a potting mix composed of coir dust or rice hull ash, compost, and garden soil at 1:1:1 ratio, water the soil before and after sowing. Cover the trays with paper or a thin layer of rice straw to minimize moisture loss. Keep in partial shade of up to 30% because higher shading levels will result in weak and lanky seedlings, Water regularly, Transplant 2-3 weeks after sowing