Mosquiron Larvicide | Novaluron | Mosquito Control | Insect Growth Regulator - 100ml

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Product Description:
Insect Growth Regulator for the control of mosquito larvae and fly maggots.

Other benefits and features:
Acts as chitin synthesis inhibitor, causing abnormal endocuticle deposition and abortive molting.

Active Ingredients:
Novaluron 100g/L

Mode of Action:
IGR (through ingestion and contact)

Target Pests:
Mosquito larvae and Fly maggots

Application Rate:
500ml per sqm

Dilution Rate:
Mosquito Larvae: 20cm deep: 1-2 tbsp to 5L water
50cm deep: 2-4 tbsp to 5L water Fly
Maggots:0.25 to .50ml

100ML (100ML)