Neporex | Cyromazine | Larvicide | Fly Larvae Killer | Insect Growth Regulator - 1 kilo

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Neporex® is a larvicide containing the insect growth regulator (IGR) cyromazine. Ideal for use in a wide variety of production units, Neporex®prevents larvae from developing into flies, giving longer lasting fly control and greater impact on total fly populations

  • Treats the problem at source
  • Prevents the growth of all larval stages
  • Stops biting and sucking flies from reproducing
  • Easy to apply by scattering or dissolving then pouring/ spraying
  • 20kg of Neporex® treats 800m²

Neporex® benefits

  • Unique mode of action
  • Effective against multi-resistant fly strains
  • Prevents 100% of larvae developing into flies
  • Harmless to beneficial insects, spiders and bird